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The car radio is an ideal companion in the car and an essential accessory whether for a short trip or a long journey. While the classic model, dedicated solely to listening to music, was originally available, the new technology has in recent years brought innovative models: the Bluetooth car radio. Want to buy a Bluetooth car radio, find out in the following the criteria required to make the right choice.

The Bluetooth car radio, a real technological gem

The Android autoradio GPS is a fun and relaxing equipment during the journey. Thanks to the many built-in moneyhack features, such as GPS, touch screen, USB port, iPhone socket, iPod, SD memory card reader… it really makes itself indispensable. As a result, motorists are no longer hesitating and are looking to get the best-performing model and the one with the most options as you can see on this site that lists the trendiest models of the moment.


The Bluetooth autoradio is one of the next generation devices. It is a model incorporating Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth option allows you to connect the phone directly to the car radio, synchronizing the repertoire and the music. You don’t have to plug in the smartphone to scroll through the music on the playlists, everything is done wirelessly.

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Moreover, one of the advantages of this model is that it offers the possibility of using the mobile phone while driving, since the legislation on this point is very strict everywhere. Just use the voice command to make or receive a call. The management of the smartphone will be carried out by voice, without having to move the hands of the steering wheel. Telephone conversations can be heard directly in the Bluetooth autoradio speakers.

The criteria for choosing a Bluetooth car radio.


Before you buy a Bluetooth car radio, you must first check that the device is compatible with the vehicle’s interior, and then determine the use you want to make of it. In fact, this jewel of modern technology has been designed to meet all the needs and expectations of motorists.

Models on the market differ in quality, design, settings, functionality and price. It is best to check the characteristics of each before deciding to buy it. The most important variable is connectivity. It differs according to the brand and the model. Then there is compatibility with digital sources (USB, AUX, CD…), formats read, compatibility with Smartphones, Android or iPhone, power, sound quality, type of voice command and other options. In the end, the budget factor comes into play.

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