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Car radio is a fun and relaxing equipment during the trip. Thanks to the many built-in features, such as GPS, touch screen, USB port, iPhone socket, iPod, SD memory card reader… it really makes itself indispensable for your moneyhack car. As a result, motorists are no longer hesitating and are looking for the best performing model and the one with the most options as you can see on this site that lists the trendiest models of the moment. Take your car audio system to the next level by installing a new Android autoradio GPS. Follow this very simple guide.

Android autoradio GPS installation: Complete guide

If a car’s audio system is new to you, this article will help you install the right Android autoradio GPS for your vehicle. Radio GPS size: The DIN refers to the standard size for Android GPS Bluetooth car radio. It covers the head unit of the car radio. There are two dimensions of car radio: 1 DIN and 2 DIN. To know it, you need to consult the manufacturer’s manual to get the details.

Android autoradio GPS 1DIN

The 1DIN car stereo system is mounted from the front using a metal support sleeve included with the autos audio system. An Android 1 DIN autoradio GPS climbs forward using a metal support sleeve included with the audio system. The installation kits allow the new autoradio Android to be placed in the foreground through the mounting handle attached with planks inside the kit’s rectangular opening.

Android autoradio GPS 2DIN

Android Double DIN GPS has a larger chassis and requires installation kits that can accommodate their large size. The Android 2DIN autoradio GPS is mounted using either factory metal supports or supports provided with the installation kit.

Installation guide

You can shorten the wiring of your new Car radio Android using a car audio connector that matches the connection of your factory wiring socket. The connectors of the car audio system have the same wire color codes as your new autoradio GPS. Watch the video below:


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